Australia’s Fascination with True Crime

Modern Australia has always been enthralled by true crime. Since its literary inception in the 1820s and its TV debut in the 1950s, crime fiction has been the unstoppable genre – capable of exciting, intriguing and terrifying its audiences from go to woe.

Our obsessive binge-watching of documentaries such as Making a Murderer and The Staircase play a huge role in supporting the film industry with more than 68 million people watching these types of shows each year on Netflix and streaming services alike.

True crime podcasts are also booming. More than 20% of Australians under 54 class themselves as regular listeners. Melbourne’s obsession even led to the reopening of the 1980 murder of Maria James.

Australia is more obsessed with true crime and law than ever before.
Australia is more obsessed with true crime and law than ever before.

So why are Australians fascinated with crime?

The thing about true crime is that people can easily imagine themselves getting involved, whether directly or indirectly. Many people are affected by crime every day, and it easily resonates with audiences.

There is an obsession with wanting to find out more about extreme behaviours, whether on TV, a podcast, a book or real life. People want to hold those responsible of crimes to account, there are more avenues for people to find out more information about crime than ever before and if you or anyone you know has been affected by criminal behaviour, a professional lawyer can help.

In most true crime documentaries, we see both victims and the accused ask for a lawyer, as they can often be the most influential person in a case. Like audiences of compelling true crime shows, an experienced lawyer has a thirst for knowledge and facts.

An experienced criminal lawyer takes their time to understand their client’s needs and tailor an individualised solution to help get the best legal outcome, and that’s what we do at Le Brun & Associates.

Our criminal lawyers in Melbourne thoroughly explore all possible avenues to resolve matters and seek available opportunities to negotiate charges being withdrawn, before a matter proceeds to Court – avoiding your case becoming the latest true crime documentary obsession.

If you or someone you know is involved in criminal proceedings¸ our criminal lawyers will present the case diligently and meticulously to maximise the probability of success. We’ve been doing this for more than 40 years!

We invite you to contact us or to come in and consult with one of our affordable lawyers to discuss how we can help you. Our initial 30-minute consultation is completely FREE of charge, so that we can assess your needs, and ensure you are fully informed of your options. We have four offices throughout Melbourne that offer a wide range of legal services.

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