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Tips from Melbourne Divorce and Separation Lawyers

Just like relationships, no two separations are the same. It is likely, though, that going through a separation or divorce will be a difficult and disruptive time for both parties. Our Melbourne-based Separation and Divorce Lawyers provide some helpful points to keep in mind throughout process to help make it as smooth and successful as […]

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Family Law – Topical Issues

Law Firms with Male-Only Clients Family Law firms targeting male-only clients are emerging in the UK after growing success in the US. Specialising in representing men’s interests in divorce and custody proceedings, these firms predominantly exist to represent men who feel they have been wronged or unfairly represented in Family Court. Whilst this may appear […]

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Three Steps to Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

The process of going through a divorce is difficult and taxing, often taking a very real emotional toll on all parties involved. It is vital that you find a team that works in partnership with you, providing the support, understanding and compassion you need and, where possible, mitigating any further unnecessary harm. It is important […]

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