Three Steps to Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Lawyer MelbourneThe process of going through a divorce is difficult and taxing, often taking a very real emotional toll on all parties involved. It is vital that you find a team that works in partnership with you, providing the support, understanding and compassion you need and, where possible, mitigating any further unnecessary harm. It is important to select a divorce lawyer you feel comfortable with, and there are many divorce lawyers to choose from in Melbourne, but when you are selecting one to represent you, there are three important considerations to take into account:

Have a clear goal in mind
Allow yourself to be really candid and open; reflect upon the issues in your relationship and why you have arrived at divorce being the only solution. Consider you aim for both yourself and your family, as well as your lifestyle, living situation and how this will impact the various aspects of your life.

A good lawyer will provide guidance and counsel you on what is to be expected throughout the entire process. It is important that you are provided with clear, digestible advice that makes sense to you. This might mean using plain, understandable English, or where English is not your first language, legal advice can be provided in your language. Le Brun & Associates has lawyers who are fluent in French, Greek and Mandarin.

Knowledge and experience are key
Divorce Lawyer MelbourneIs the solicitor and experienced family law practitioner? Don’t be afraid to conduct some background research into their experience in the field and where their specialty lies. Le Brun & Associates has knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, who are accredited specialists in the field of Family Law by the Law Institute of Victoria.

Be very clear about any fees or services
Be upfront about your budget and ask potential solicitors about their fees. It is important to understand this from the outset and manage expectations early on. Solicitors in Melbourne can be expensive and their fee structures often confusing.

Le Brun & Associates provides fixed fee quotations and does not charge compound fees should additional staff need to become involved. Furthermore, we offer an initial 30 minute consultation that is free of charge, to assist in understanding and assessing your situation and options and to discover what Le Brun & Associates can do to help!

Divorce is always a sensitive process, and for this reason it is of utmost importance that you trust and feel comfortable with your lawyer. A well suited lawyer will be open and accommodating of your enquiries and will provide counsel tailored to suit your needs.

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