Unfair Dismissal – Definitions, Advice and What to do to Seek Help

Should an employee be dismissed from their employment in a harsh, unreasonable or unjust manger, they can claim it to be an unfair dismissal.

Unfair Dismissal LawyerSuch an incident can cause great stress, frustration and financial pressure. There is also the potential for the dismissal to affect future career prospects, should it not be addressed with the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

The application process

Assistance and counsel are available in making applications of unfair dismissal, claims for compensation and damages, and Fair Work hearings. Applications to Fair Work must be made within a 21 day period of the dismissal and it is therefore necessary to seek expert legal assistance in a timely manner.

Unfair dismissal is not to be confused with wrongful dismissals, where an employee is terminated without the employer having the legal ability to do so within the context of their contract. Should you find yourself in such a situation, assistance is also available.

It is important to seek assistance from a lawyer in whom you have complete confidence; check to ensure they have experience in the field or specialise in employment law. Employment law is a complicated field as it incorporates various pieces of legislation, the Fair Work Act 2009, enterprise agreements, award agreements and more. Whilst time is of the essence in these cases, there is a process that must be closely adhered to. Often tensions and emotions can be high and as such it is important that these cases are handled with sensitivity and professionalism.

Le Brun & Associates are Melbourne based unfair dismissal specialists, with locations in the Melbourne CBD, Moonee Ponds, Werribee and Hawthorn who have experience in assisting clients in unfair dismissal claims. It is important at this time to have a proficient, knowledgeable and sympathetic lawyer to understand and represent your interests. Our principal Helen Le Brun and Andrew Sutton both have extensive experience in representing and supporting clients in such difficult times.

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