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Going through a separation can be very difficult and emotional. It can often feel like your whole world has turned upside down and make it difficult to get through for all parties involved. Separation is quite a personal matter, which is why it is not talked about enough. Unfortunately, many parties wait months, or even a few years before seeing a family lawyer. In many cases they only decide to see a family lawyer after a climatic event that has resulted in emotional or financial stress.   

After you have made the decision to separate, you will also need to make some practical decisions. By finding a separation lawyer as early as you can, you can receive invaluable advice that is tailored towards your situation. This can include organising parenting arrangements, property settlements, and divorce. Find straightforward, honest advice and representation when you need it the most with a dedicated team of caring family lawyers for your separation.

How separation lawyers can help you?  

A separation lawyer can help you understand how family law works and can help you interpret what it means for your situation. A knowledgeable lawyer can outline practical advice in a way that can help you understand what you can expect, while also supporting you to choose the best options for you. A lawyer might help you avoid complications and help make the process easier for you.   

If you have already separated, a separation lawyer can help you deal with the impact on your finances, children, and lifestyle. For example, property settlement can begin during separation. A trusted lawyer can advise you on appropriate settlement and splitting assets during separation. Getting advice early can help you understand the important steps and decisions you will need to take.

Should I hire a lawyer for my separation?  

Lawyers can help you outline your options for a life after separation and divorce. By having a family lawyer by your side, you can learn how to protect yourself and your family for your future and understand your legal rights and responsibilities. Separation is not only stressful for you but can also be more complex if you have kids. Therefore, calculating your future needs is also considered during the property settlement process.  

At Le Brun and Associates, we are dedicated to providing a tailored approach based on your own needs. As all situations are different, we believe that all separations differ. With over 30 years of experience, our separation lawyers in Melbourne have expertise across all areas of divorce, separation, parenting, child support, property, and financial. We are here to understand what you are going through so that we can best assist you. We will work towards getting you a fair and equitable outcome, whilst minimising your stress, cost, and time. 

Get a 30-minute One-on-One, Free Consultation at Le Brun and Associates 

Le Brun and Associates is a leading Melbourne family law firm that can give expert guidance around separation before divorce. With our extensive, professional experience, our team is ready to support you. At Le Brun and Associates, we take the time to understand your situation, needs and concerns, before giving our advice on the situation. Our goal is to give you legal advice that helps ease the stressful process of separation. If you are ready to discuss your individual circumstances, please contact our team of separation lawyers in Melbourne today. Contact us today for a complimentary 30-minute consultation. At Le Brun and Associates, you can rely on us as we always stand by you.  


How do I file for separation in Australia? 

Unlike divorce, you do not need official documentation to say that you are separated. Your partner does not need to agree to the separation, but they do need to be made aware of the end of the relationship. Following this, one person may choose to move out of the home. It is possible to be separated and continue to live in the same house – known as being separated ‘under one roof.’ You will need to meet certain criteria if you continue to live together during separation.  

Although there are no official separation documents, you may need to inform some agencies of your separation. You may need to inform Centrelink if you receive benefits or need financial assistance. You might also have to contact the Child Support Agency if you have children living with you and are entitled to financial payments from your partner.  

Should I get a lawyer during separation? 

Getting legal advice prior to and during separation is not necessary but may be beneficial in understanding your legal rights. Family law can be a complicated and lawyer can help you navigate the complex maze of separation.  

If you have advice before separation, this may reduce conflicts and help you prepare for the unexpected eventualities, including financial. Your situation can become complicated quite quickly when your life is so intertwined. Particularly if you are separated ‘under one roof,’ it is important to get legal advice.  

Who pays legal fees in separation? 

Usually, couples that separate and go to Court will pay their own costs when it comes to Family Law. However, it is possible to be awarded an order for your legal costs in certain circumstances, at the discretion of the Judge.  

How much does a family lawyer cost Australia? 

Costs in Family Law proceedings can vary based on circumstance. Understanding your specific situation will help us give you a more accurate idea of how much a separation lawyer in Melbourne will cost. Contact us to see how we might be able to help you.  

What should you not do during separation?  

Separation is an incredibly stressful process. It may be difficult to know what your ‘new normal’ and what issues you will need to look out for along the way. Everyone’s reactions can differ during separation, but there will be a few pressure points. For some is can be financial, while for others it can be related to child support. For this reason, legal advice is crucial when it comes to separation. Given the complexity of the situation, having compassionate legal advice can help you avoid concerns and help you set yourself up for your future. 


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