Special Disability Trust Wills

Looking after a disabled family member is a main priority for many Australians. For some, this may require being the primary carer and providing around the clock care. While every family has different circumstances, if you’re the primary carer for your disabled loved one, it’s vital to think about how they will be cared for [...] Read More

Meet Our Partner – Andrew Sutton, November 2018

Andrew Sutton first joined Le Brun & Associates as a solicitor in 2008, after completing a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Social Sciences at Monash University, Melbourne. Andrew, is committed to helping his clients His approachable nature and dedication to helping clients is what makes him stand out from many other solicitors. Andrew works [...] Read More

Australia’s Fascination with True Crime

Modern Australia has always been enthralled by true crime. Since its literary inception in the 1820s and its TV debut in the 1950s, crime fiction has been the unstoppable genre – capable of exciting, intriguing and terrifying its audiences from go to woe. Our obsessive binge-watching of documentaries such as Making a Murderer and The [...] Read More

What Happens to My Children if My Relationship Ends?

There are many things that can cause a relationship to break down. Sometimes issues can be sorted out by talking things through, or by attending family mediation. But not every relationship is meant to be, and if you’re part of couple going through a break up or divorce, you may be living through and learning [...] Read More

Why Young People Need A Will Too! 

One of the biggest myths is that only the elderly or chronically ill need a legal Will. While young and healthy people don’t want to think about dying, accidents or unforeseen circumstances are an unfortunate part of life! According to a nation-wide study, most Australians are thinking about or have a Will, but young people [...] Read More

The Risks of Australia’s Cash-in-Hand Economy

The Australian Tax Office is cracking down on the black economy, also known as the cash-in-hand economy. The introduction of the goods and services tax (GST) in 2000 aimed to support the beginning of the end for the cash economy in Australia. Yet, studies suggest that the GST merely slowed the growth at best, and [...] Read More

TSS Visa – The Big Changes to the Temporary Working Visa

There has been a large amount of changes to the Australian visa system recently, and 2018 has seen the Subclass 457 Temporary Skilled Work visa abolished. Effective from March 18th 2018, this visa was replaced with a new Subclass 482 visa, otherwise known as the Temporary Skill Shortage visa (TSS). While the premise of the [...] Read More

How to Reduce Legal Risks When Dismissing Employees

Employment is something that is free-will, in most cases. This means that employers are usually free to dismiss any employee for any reason that falls within the law. However, in some cases, legal termination of employment can sometimes appear illegal. You may have performance-based reasons for the dismissal, but if you can’t prove it with [...] Read More

Legal Benefits of Same-Sex Marriage

Since same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia, a lot of changes have been made to the law. It is important that same-sex couples are fully aware of their new rights. As of the 9th January 2018, it is legal for couples of the same sex to get married in Australia. Aside from gaining equality [...] Read More

Lawyer-prepared vs DIY Will Kits – Things to consider when preparing your Will

A new year is here, and it might be that you’re thinking about the future by preparing your Will. If you haven’t ever considered it, it’s never too early to do so. If you’ve decided to write your Will, you have two options of how to go about creating one; via a DIY home Will [...] Read More
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