Franchising – An Essential Guide

Should I start my own company or a franchise? Franchising can be an attractive concept for people looking to start their own small business with only a little business experience.  They offer a multitude of opportunities to grow and develop your own business and income, with the support that a large business provides, including an [...] Read More

Social Media and Defamation: A Lawyer’s Role

Social Media’s undeniable saturation and hold on daily life, the pressure of being abreast of a never-ending news cycle, and the desire of Social Media users to publish their opinions and thoughts is increasingly reflected in our courts. None is more noticeable than the rise of defamation cases resulting from online behaviour. The growth of [...] Read More

Employment Law – Vital to the Success of your Business

Throughout 2015, the Australian public has seen many companies come under fire for poor or unfair employment conditions, particularly regarding wages. Most notably, burger restaurant Grill’d faced public backlash after one employee was unfairly dismissed for bringing to light the outdated employment contract which did not meet the minimum legal requirements. In September, inspectors from [...] Read More

Domestic Violence – Could you imagine being Cross-Examined by your Abuser?

Did you know? One in six women in Australia have experienced violence by a current or past partner Many victims face barriers which prevent or discourage them from reporting the abuse PM Turnbull announced a package aimed at increasing support for at-risk women and children A loophole in the Family Law Act sees victims at [...] Read More

Bilingual Lawyers – Overcoming the Barriers to Legal Service

  In a recent article, Felicity Nelson identified the increased demand for bilingual lawyers in Australia. As Australian law firms globalise, there is more demand than ever for multilingual lawyers, however Nelson found that a shrinking number of Australian students are seeking to study a second language. Interestingly, despite the demand for bilingual lawyers being [...] Read More

Family Law – Topical Issues

Law Firms with Male-Only Clients Family Law firms targeting male-only clients are emerging in the UK after growing success in the US. Specialising in representing men’s interests in divorce and custody proceedings, these firms predominantly exist to represent men who feel they have been wronged or unfairly represented in Family Court. Whilst this may appear [...] Read More

Three Steps to Selecting A Divorce Lawyer

The process of going through a divorce is difficult and taxing, often taking a very real emotional toll on all parties involved. It is vital that you find a team that works in partnership with you, providing the support, understanding and compassion you need and, where possible, mitigating any further unnecessary harm. It is important [...] Read More

Unfair Dismissal – Definitions, Advice and What to do to Seek Help

Should an employee be dismissed from their employment in a harsh, unreasonable or unjust manger, they can claim it to be an unfair dismissal. Such an incident can cause great stress, frustration and financial pressure. There is also the potential for the dismissal to affect future career prospects, should it not be addressed with the [...] Read More
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